You might be employed, self-employed or running your own business. Or maybe you are between jobs right now.  Whatever you do to keep body and soul together, there are always new challenges and it takes something to stay on top of the demands.

You do not have to be suffering from ‘stress’ or ‘anxiety’ to know you just need help to think more clearly. We are all creatures of habit and anyone can slip into an unproductive, self-defeating cycle of negative thinking, worry and/or ineffectual behaviours without really noticing.

If you are looking to revamp your motivation, your mindset, your focus, goals and values, I can facilitate the process. I rarely give advice although I have worked with hundreds of businesses of every conceivable nature and size over the last 25 years both as a leadership and management trainer and as a coach. The approach varies according to individual needs. Sometimes just having time to talk can make a big difference. At other times having someone sharp enough to robustly challenge your thinking and behaviour with penetrating questions will bounce you into a more productive cycle.

Whatever the issue, my aim is to ensure you become more self-reliant and take control of your own destiny.

To BOOK a first session use the contact form or call me, Harvey Taylor, here in Bournemouth on 07974 228396

Business Services – Employee+

Businesses and organisations seeking help with employee assistance and learning and development programmes can book a free initial consultation by using the contact form or by calling me, Harvey Taylor, on 07974 228396.

Once we have met and defined your specific requirements I will provide you with a ‘no obligations’, detailed proposal. If you are looking for a highly practical, focused and professional approach to employee assistance and development at any level, I will be delighted to hear from you.