Stress, stress, stress: the universal disease of the Western world. Well, no, actually. It is just an idea someone made up back in the 1950s. It turns out to be a very popular idea too, as witnessed by the millions of people who suffer from ‘stress’ every year. In fact the more people talk about stress, the more people get ‘stressed’. Isn’t it interesting, though, that some people can spend 8 years being President of the United States of America and show no sign of being stressed?

You think they are just superhuman beings?

No. They may have all kinds of special qualities but when it comes to ‘stress’, they just think differently.

People attribute stress to all kinds of external factors such as their job, their kids, modern life, even political change. The sad thing is, so long as we attribute the bad feelings we call ‘stress’ to external factors such as workload or the latest shock election result, we are going to carry on suffering, because these things fall into a category called ‘things beyond our control’. That’s where ‘stress’ comes from.

Stress is what happens when you try to control things (or convince yourself you should be able to control things) which actually you cannot control.

Like most problems, stress feeds on itself. Once you have set it up, you get symptoms. A very common symptom of stress is not being able to make decisions. Sufferers tend to beat themselves up about not being able to make decisions and consequently generate more stress. It is the perfect form of self-torture. Obviously, if you enjoy that kind of self-torture there is little point in spending money coming to see me.

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