What to Expect

I always provide an initial 30 minutes for free. This is so you can ask questions, understand how I work and decide whether you want to go ahead .

If you go ahead and book a session there and then, our first session could take up to 2 hours in total. All other sessions are 1 hour unless specified otherwise. Occasionally you will only need one session. Usually people notice a significant change or complete resolution within 2 to 4 sessions. This is not a guarantee and some people will require longer. We will agree the number of sessions appropriate for you at this first session. This is subject to review depending on how you respond.

In the first session I will gather relevant information which will include questions about your medical history, any medication you are taking, previous coaching and/or therapy, what makes the problem worse/better and anything else which is relevant.

Within the sessions I use a very wide range of techniques to help you achieve resolution of your problem/achievement of your goal. This may include the use of hypnotherapy. I will specify when this is likely to be so.

The first session and all subsequent sessions then follow a simple 4 step format.

  1. We discuss your problem and what helps or hinders you
  2. We identify a way to achieve a better outcome or reach your goal
  3. We totally integrate the new approach into your everyday life
  4. We check the extent to which you have achieved your outcome

All sessions are now recorded and you will be asked to listen to the recordings between sessions. This is to your advantage as it speeds up the process of solving your problem and saves you time and money on future sessions.

Paying for Your Sessions

Please pay by cash, cheque, credit/debit cards. Payment is in advance at the start of your session, or by bank transfer in advance.


  • Individuals
    Initial consultation (30 mins) free
    Sessions £75 per hour
  • Relationship Therapy and Counselling
    Initial consultation (30 mins) free
    Total fee for both partners attending together:
    Sessions £100 per hour

Once you have BOOKED a session using the contact form or by calling me on 07974 228396 I will send you an intake form. Please complete this before you attend your first session.

Therapy, Coaching and/or Hypnotherapy Sessions

All prices are subject to review and are per session. The first session lasts for up to 2 hours and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. Sessions consist of discussion and exploration of the problem, identification of solutions, and often hypnotherapy to reinforce the new way of thinking, although this is not always required.

Prior to your fist session you will be asked to complete a client form. Sessions can only proceed once this form is completed. I do not accept everyone who applies. These sessions are collaborative interactions where you, as client, have an active role to play.

How Many Sessions?

The number of sessions required varies according to the nature of the problem and the extent to which you are willing to engage. At your first session we will discuss the plan for any subsequent sessions which might be required. Most people experience significant improvement within 2 to 4 sessions.


All sessions are recorded and copies of the recordings are available to you at no extra charge. You will usually be asked to listen to the recording at least once before your next session.

Employee+ Company Scheme:

Employee+ Company Scheme fees are by negotiation. Please call 07974 228396 or e mail for an initial discussion.

Leadership and Management Training, Team Away Days, Personal and Professional Development Training Programmes

From £750 to £2500 +VAT per day, depending on nature of training, company size, duration and location

To BOOK  your session please use the contact form or call me, Harvey Taylor, on 07974 228396