What is a problem? We all have problems but how often do we remind ourselves that to create a problem we have to think about an event or person in a specific manner? The reality is we can turn anything and anyone into a problem by thinking in a problematic way.

The great thing about this realisation is that it means when we change the way we think, we can resolve, even eliminate the ‘problem’.

In a sense it comes down to control. There are things we can control, things we can only influence (to a greater or lesser extent), and many, many things we have no control over whatsoever. If we focus on what we can control and to a proportionate extent, those things we can at least influence, we are likely to have fewer ‘problems’. Bad things will happen and good things will happen, as always, but it will be less of a problem

When we focus primarily on the things we cannot control, that is when we get ‘problems’. We can make anything into a problem so do not be put off if your ‘problem’ does not appear on this menu anywhere. It is as real as any other problem and if you want help solving it follow the links below.

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