Panic Attacks

If you think you have had a panic attack it is important to visit your doctor and have a check-up. Tell the doctor your symptoms and let them do the diagnosis.  This is important because some of the symptoms people experience in panic attacks can also be experienced in other, completely unrelated conditions or illnesses. It probably was just panic, but get your doctor to confirm this first. I will not see you unless you have already done this because I do not treat people who self-diagnose. Call me if you want to discuss this.

I have resolved panic attacks in one session with some clients, but with others it can take a little longer.  Panic attacks sometimes come with other conditions such as phobias. They can also sit alongside post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   Life events, such as losing someone you love, relationship issues or being under pressure at work can all trigger an episode. So too can accidents, violence, alcohol and drugs. It is not the event itself that is traumatic but your response. What one person finds traumatic another brushes off with hardly a moment’s concern. That does not mean it is your fault you are panicking but it does mean there are things you can do to stop the panic in its tracks. You can think differently.

I use debate, hypnotherapy and a range of other techniques to help you eliminate panic attacks altogether.  I will also help you to address any underlying issues including phobias, life challenges and post-traumatic stress in a way that is safe, positive and life-enhancing.

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