If you have ever wanted to pass an exam or recall names and faces at a social or business event you will know how frustrating it can be when your memory lets you down. Many people forget something in the moment and then attribute this lapse to having a ‘bad’ memory. To me, one of the saddest misattributions people make is blaming their inability to recall information on their age. In reality everyone has the capacity to extend their ability to remember useful information. It doesn’t matter how old your are.

All learning and recall is a process of association. We recall all kinds of things randomly simply because something in our environment triggers an associated memory. Every moment of every day we are making new associations. We associate one experience with another. We attach a response to a given trigger in a given context. The process begins the moment we are born, or even before, and it continues right through until the end of lives, whatever degeneration or disease we may suffer along the way. In fact, as we become older, what is more important than the number of brain cells we have is the number of connections we maintain between those brain cells. This is an endeavour in which the maxim ‘Use it or Lose it’, really does apply!

The good news is that we can actually take control of the process. This means we can deliberately associate one thing with another in order to make it easier to recall useful information.

You may be amazed at just how much information you can recall simply by using your brain’s natural ability to associate. Using a wide range of techniques, reinforced with hypnosis, we will help you to develop your natural ability to remember whatever you want to remember in any situation.

I am a big fan of the memory systems developed by 8 times world memory champion Dominic O’Brien. You can view a short video of Dominic O’Brien in action on YouTube below. We also strongly recommend Dominic’s book, You Can Have an Amazing Memory.

Here are some great articles about how memory really works from PsyBlog.

Using hypnosis in conjunction with these fantastically powerful and simple systems helps you to relax, make the best use of all your available knowledge and achieve the success you want, whatever the context.

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