Some people seem to be very focused and others have great ideas and aspirations yet never really seem to achieve what they want to achieve.

Creating focus and staying focused whilst keeping your life in balance is a skill which, like any other skill, is ‘learnable’ and can become habitual. When you acquire the habit, everything becomes easier, providing you have set it up in a way that works for you and everyone else you care about.

But it’s more than just a skill. It is also a state of mind. You have to learn what ‘focus’ feels like so it helps to have,

(a) a mechanism for accessing a focused state,

(b) a referent experience and

(c) clarity about your values and goals.

Even then, people sometimes still lose focus. Why?  Well because ‘stuff’ happens. And some ‘stuff’ requires us to re-evaluate what and who are important in our lives before we can re-focus our thoughts and energy. Think about it. Bereavement, relationship breakdown, redundancy are all going to call into question what matters to you and as soon as you start down that path, you will, necessarily, lose focus, at least temporarily. Even incremental change, like becoming older, your children growing up and something as simple as changes in the seasons will have an influence.

Far and away the most common issue I encounter with ‘lack of focus’ is that people want or try to do too much and they want or try to do it all now. It is almost as though they can hear a giant clock ticking behind them wherever they go. If you live like this you will not only find it hard to focus. You will also probably generate a lot of stress. And surprise, surprise, the biggest enemy of focus is stress.

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