Fix My Problem Now Groups

20170213_192438What is the set-up?

Fix My Problem Now Groups typically consist of 5 people who each have a problem they are seeking to solve. Groups meet weekly for 6 weeks initially. Sessions last for 2 hours with each group member receiving focused attention for at least 20 minutes, although all group members are totally immersed in the process for the full 2 hours. The group is facilitated by Harvey Taylor who has 27 years’ experience as a therapist, trainer and coach.

The approach Harvey uses comes from the Provocative Change Works model created by Nick Kemp which is itself based on 50 years of Provocative Therapy work by Frank Farelly. Follow the links for more information on these two sources.

All group members sign a strict confidentiality agreement. In addition, where a group member wants to work on a problem without sharing intimate details, the approach allows for this ‘content-free’ approach. So, you can be assured that whatever your problem, how and what you disclose is entirely within your control and your personal information stays confidential.

What is it?

A typical Fix My Problem Now group session works through 3 stories with each group member.

  1. The story you have already created around your problem which is keeping you stuck.
  2. The story Harvey and the group create as an alternative to your problem story. This will be imaginative, exaggerated and certainly ridiculous! There will definitely be laughter, but never at your expense.
  3. A new, more realistic and positive story which you create, with a little encouragement from Harvey. This will be your ‘solution’ story and you will have an opportunity to cement the new version with the aid of group visualisation and shared hypnosis.

What are the Benefits?

    • Group members get a ready-made support group with all the associated benefits of encouragement, friendly challenging, empathy and motivation.
    • Group members frequently are amazed to find they are not alone in their problem.
    • Increased creativity to solve problems quickly and creatively
    • The cost is a fraction of what six individual sessions would cost
    • Group members learn how to become more constructively self-reflective
    • It is ALWAYS fantastic fun, even with deep rooted and difficult problems

For more information about joining a group or setting one up, contact me, Harvey Taylor or call 07974 228396.