Training and Events

For detail of our training programmes provided go to our page on APT4L.

I provide training and learning events for large and small organisations. These focus on maximising the value human beings bring to the workplace. My underpinning philosophy is that when we provide people with the right level of challenge in proportion to their capabilities and stage of development, we enable them to contribute greater value and achieve greater job satisfaction.

For decades I ran standardised training courses on topics such as leadership, team development, assertiveness, performance appraisal, time management, coaching and presentation skills with corporate businesses such as British Telecom, Screwfix and Cobham as well as smaller local engineering firms, fostering agencies and the public sector.

Today I specialise in addressing more specific outcomes through the development of attitudes, cognitive and emotional intelligence. These interventions are not for the faint-hearted. My commitment to you as a business is that I will be relentlessly, but intelligently challenging until I enable your workforce to achieve what you want them to achieve. All I need from you in our preliminary consultations is real clarity about your desired outcome.

Initial Consultation

You can book a free initial consultation by using the contact form or by calling me, Harvey Taylor, on 07974 228396. Once we have met and defined your specific requirements I will provide you with a ‘no obligations’, detailed proposal. If you are looking for a highly practical, focused and professional approach to employee assistance and development at any level, I will be delighted to hear from you.