Anxiety, fear, and panic are basic human responses to real and imagined threats. If the threat is real, the responses of fear, anxiety, or panic, make sense and are often useful in prompting us to escape or defend ourselves. If the threat is imagined then the fear, anxiety or panic is unnecessary, painful and disabling.

If you are thinking of coming to see me about fear, anxiety or panic, here are ten things you need to know:

  1. We see, hear, feel, smell or taste something. This is the trigger.
  2. If there is a REAL threat, we automatically, instantly become fearful
  3. If the trigger does not actually represent a real threat then, to become fearful, at some point we must imagine that it is a threat even though it isn’t.
  4. Maybe it was a threat the last time we experienced it and we are responding based on our memory rather than on the current reality.
  5. Maybe we just imagined what could happen and frightened ourselves that way.
  6. Once we experience fear in response to any trigger, we can make this response to the trigger automatic. It becomes a habit and seems to run outside of our control.
  7. The more we do it, the worse the fear becomes and the more automatic the response.
  8. If the fear is based on a real threat, the fear is good and you cannot easily override it, nor should you try. Just be frightened. It will keep you alive.
  9. If the fear is based on some imaginary threat, YOU CAN FIX IT.
  10. I don’t fix people’s fears, I get them to take responsibility and fix their own fears.

Of course, there are lots of permutations based on the above, and clearly, you have your own, unique way of scaring yourself, but these ten points pretty well cover every pattern and example of anxiety, fear and panic.

Some people will tell you it’s your genes and some will tell you it was your upbringing. Some people will tell you it’s society and some will tell you you need medication. And everyone means well. And you know, and I know, the reality is, there’s only one person who can fix it.

The question now is, how much do you want to fix it?

Here’s the contact form to book an appointment with me, Harvey Taylor, here in Bournemouth. Or just call 07974 228396.

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