Just Before You Get Comfortable….

harvey-taylor-finding-flow-statesThe British Psychological Society (BPS) recently picked up on the FLOW theme.

FLOW was described by Mihaly Csikszentmihayli. It has been popular with sports people, artists and anyone seeking to improve their performance in any context. It describes that state in which we become very focused, oblivious to the passage of time, performing at our best, being our most creative self.

Yet despite many of us being familiar with the concept and with the experience of flow itself, it seems we all too often cop out and opt for an easier, but significantly less satisfying option.

Christian Jarrett, director of research at BPS reports that ‘we know which kind of activities will bring us lasting happiness, but because we see them as daunting and less enjoyable in the moment, we choose to spend much more of our time doing passive, more immediately pleasant things’.

How many times in the last week have you turned on the TV, reached for the wine, chocolate biscuits and fatuous social media instead of getting off your butt and doing something that stretches you to the edge of your existing skills, or your physical and mental capacity?

And were YOU aware that in doing so, at a deeper level, it would not make you as happy as say, going for a run, sewing that wedding dress, or painting your wife’s portrait?

Check out the BPS article, ‘We Know What Will Make Us Happy So Why Do we Watch TV Instead?’   Nice vest and underpants, by the way.

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