Maybe it was just something you ate!

2016-08-10-19-43-26The excellent PSYBLOG recently suggested it may be possible to beat major depression with the right diet. Check out the article here on the Fix My Problem Now facebook page.

I do not give dietary advice but there is plenty of information out there about diet, exercise and depression if you search for it. Clearly these are significant factors when it comes to self-regulating your moods. It makes total sense to become more aware of how your feelings change when you change what you eat. It is quite apparent to me that the less sugar I consume, the more energetic I feel over the long term. The same applies with exercise, providing I find the right level for my own body. Diet and exercise should always feature in the journey to greater self-awareness and the elevation of mood in a positive and sustainable manner.

Meanwhile, although I will not tell you what to eat or which specific exercises to do, if you’d like to come and have a chat (and maybe a glass of olive oil) I am happy to help you get to grips with the thinking patterns which can trigger and prolong depressive episodes.

The first 30 minutes are free just so you can get some idea about how ‘Fix My Problem Now’ actually works. Then you can make up your own mind.

You can contact me, Harvey Taylor, here.

About Harvey Taylor

Hi. I'm Harvey Taylor. I live in Bournemouth with my wife and children. I run several websites. At you will find everything you need to know about the coaching, therapy, training and hypnotherapy services I provide in Bournemouth and anywhere else in the world, as well as a whole host of useful information and support. If you are specifically interested in hypnotherapy go to At you will find poetry, stories, rants and suggestions for surviving and thriving in the Age of Bullsh*t. I also curate Uncle Oojah who celebrated his 100th anniversary this year 18th Feb 2019. Check out
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