Harvey Taylor Fix My ProblemHello. My name is Harvey Taylor. I provide therapy, coaching and training to individuals and businesses. You probably landed here because you want to solve a problem. We all have problems; anxiety, work stress, family issues, panic, depression, poor focus, indecision, lack of assertiveness, low confidence – the list is endless. Life becomes complicated, challenging or just plain rough at times. Things happen and we do not always find the best way to respond. Sometimes we want to achieve something and somehow we turn the whole thing into a monumental struggle. And as humans, we can easily get into bad habits of thinking, feeling bad and behaving in ways which do not work.

Over the years I have found clients do not really care if I use training, coaching, counselling, NLP, transactional analysis, havening, attachment theory, hypnotherapy, provocative change work or any other ‘approach’. They just want to solve their problem. Some clients feel stigmatised by the suggestion that they are ‘in therapy’  or being ‘coached’, whilst others are deeply suspicious of anything that sounds like BS.

Having worked with thousands of people over the last 27 years as a coach, therapist and trainer, I have a huge array of tools and techniques. But what actually makes the difference in the end is you. What interests me from the outset is, what will work with you? What will help you solve your problem now? That’s what 27 years of experience has enabled me to become good at: finding the right approach for each unique client.

BOOKING  a session

You can book your first session by using the contact form or by calling me on 07974 228396. The first 3o minutes is free so you can find out how I work and we can decide whether we want to work with each other. You then pay at the beginning of the first full session by cheque, with cash or with most credit and debit cards. Fees and Sessions are described here. Once I receive your enquiry I will send you an intake form. It is essential you complete this as I do not see people until this is done.

Sessions use a range of different coaching and therapeutic approaches including hypnotherapy, counselling, NLP, Transacational Analysis and Provocative Change Works. You can read more about Provocative Change Works on this site or get in touch with Nick about PCW therapy or PCW training at these sites.

Business Services – Employee+

Businesses and organisations seeking help with employee assistance and learning and development programmes can book a free initial consultation by using the contact form or by calling me, Harvey Taylor, on 07974 228396. For more information about corporate training go to my training company website APT4L

Once we have met and defined your specific requirements I will provide you with a ‘no obligations’, detailed proposal. If you are looking for a highly practical, focused and professional approach to employee assistance and development at any level, I will be delighted to hear from you.